"Spiritual Arthritis Got You Stiff?"

Arthritis is a painful, debilitating inflammation of one’s joints which can severely inhibit motion / movement. Left untreated, arthritis can allow the joint areas to wear and tear which can result in permanent loss of mobility and function. In the Church today, epidemic levels of Christians seem to be suffering from “spiritual arthritis” which is severely “crippling” her witness and impeding her spiritual motion (journey of faith) before a watching, lost world. Like physical arthritis, “spiritual arthritis” involves similar symptoms such as the painful resistance to movement, severe stiffness and limited mobility, inflammation (pain/suffering), fatigue (weariness) and deformity in one’s connecting points (i.e. joints). We see through God’s Word that this spiritual malady has a family history—“You stiff-necked people...You are just like your fathers...resisting the Holy Spirit!” (Acts 7:51) You see, “spiritual arthritis” results from our “resisting the divine movement of God” in our lives. It’s deeply rooted in a rebellious spirit that says before God, “I want things MY way! I’m not going to change! I don't intend to move in a particular direction!” The resulting effect — the devastating loss of spiritual movement of God’s people which is leaving many of today’s churches near lifeless and vacant week after week. Stricken with this spiritual illness, its symptoms become clearly evident: the loss of His power (strength)—His joy—His hope—His vision and His witness! Sadly, “spiritual arthritis” seems to be spreading more rapidly across this blessed nation of ours. In community after community, once vibrant, active churches are now idle, spiritually and physically ‘locked up’ because of the immobility caused from this debilitating soul sickness. Thankfully, “spiritual arthritis” is NOT an incurable spiritual disease — the prescription for its cure is simple - it involves: confession (agreeing with God that you are spiritually ‘sin’ sick by the choices that you have freely made), repent (stop being spiritually disobedient/inactive to God’s Spirit in your life and return to the journey of faith that He has planned for you), and the receiving of His fresh anointing as He lubricates those once stiff joints by “pour(ing) out (His) oil of joy on you” (Hebrews 1:9, NLT). Left untreated, “spiritual arthritis” will always cripple us (His church) and our mission to impact a lost world for Jesus Christ! So how are your spiritual joints today...are they stiff? If so, the Great Physician prescribes using that bottle of “Oil of Joy” sitting on the shelf … use it as many times during the day as you like for it has no limits on refills and the divine product will never expire! …Selah!
Today's Spirit-led CCM video by Michael W. Smith can be viewed by clicking on the song title, "Healing Rain" - G3 for such power songs with such powerful lyrics from His living, eternal truth!

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