“Rock Solid Foundations” - Pt 3 on His Church

For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ.” (1 Corinthians 3:11) In the divine construction process of God’s House (His Temple / His Church), we must understand that doing it God’s way takes time – patience – skill – discernment – obedience - sacrifice - and dedication/commitment! The Great Architect allows no short cuts nor second-hand labor/materials to be used. Early in the construction period of tall skyscrapers before they are built, a great deal of time is spent digging deep into the earth to attach pylons which serve to stabilize the foundation upon which the full weight of the structure will rest. Similarly, believers must dig deep into God’s Word and attach the pylons of our faith (i.e. critical support beams) to the one true foundation - the Rock – Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior which promises to be eternally secure, immovable and which cannot/will never be destroyed. Matthew 7:24-27 shows us with great clarity the difference between building a house with a foundation made of Rock (Jesus Christ) or with Sand (the World). To the untrained spiritual eye, these two houses appear equal during fair weather times. However, when the winds of adversity begin to blow and the storm clouds gather along the horizon of our lives – and they most assuredly will for all of us – the strength of their foundation will be tested and revealed. God calls those who choose to anchor their house of faith (life) upon the Rock “wise” (verse 24) for He promises that they will surely weather any storm that arises – not that we won’t have a couple of window panes cracked and lose a few shingles, but we will be standing secure after the storm passes (verse 25). Sadly, more and more folks today seem to be falling for the enemy’s “con job” in offering them all types of cheap, improper building materials (i.e. unscriptural principles/beliefs) to use in constructing their foundation of faith. “Sandy” materials (verse 26) like New Age beliefs, Secular Humanism, the Occult, human works, good deeds, religion and traditions, personal effort & achievements, and idolatry (e.g. money, fame, status/image, careers, etc.) fill the aisles in the local “Me Depot” stores. Builders Beware! As has been prophesied for thousands of years, many powerful “spiritual-based” storms are rising today against the very faith foundation upon which our families, our churches and even our own nation were built. Unless our foundation is firmly built upon the Rock of Jesus Christ, God’s Word declares that our “houses of faith” will collapse in response to being improperly built (failing to follow building plans/codes given to us by the Master Builder in His Word). If we have chosen to use the cheap, imitation materials (i.e. Sand) offered to us by the world, Christ says that we will have been “foolish” (verses 26- 27) for our houses of faith will surely fall/collapse, and great will be our collapse/fall. That being stated, the Spiritual Building Inspector is today making an assessment of the condition of your faith foundation – will He find you to be “wise builder” or “foolish builder?” The building materials you choose to use will answer that question … so choose wisely! …Selah!
Today's Spirit-led video is by CCM artist Crystal Lewis and can be viewed by clicking on the on the praise & worship song title, "Christ the Solid Rock" - G3 for sharing His power-filled words thru CCM & Praise!

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