Welcome to the ministry BlogSite - "Journeying Up the Mountain of God." As the Lord led me to begin writing a weekday devotional which I placed on FaceBook near the close of 2009, I came to see a fresh new ministry birthed through the Spirit's working. Initially started for the missional church which I pastored at the time, Journey 2427, these Truth Quest devotions (formerly called 'Word of the Day') quickly became a special ministry which I believe the Lord is continuing to expand to encourage many more hearts along life's journey. To Him be all glory and praise that He alone deserves (1 Peter 4:10-11)! Richard Blackaby, son of Dr. Henry Blackaby who wrote Experiencing God, shared in one of his recent books, Unlimiting God, the very premise upon which the theme of this ministry blogsite is centered upon - “…Knowing the Lord is like climbing a mountain. The ascent is available to all, but not everyone reaches the same level. Each of us decides how much effort to expend to reach the heights; each of us ultimately decides how far and high we’ll go.” 
It is my prayer that through these regular devotions and deep reflections from His truth - all of which are authored in His Spirit and grounded upon His Word - you and I might both be encouraged to climb a little higher each day in our spiritual quest to draw ever closer to the very One who created us to be with Him for all eternity. Every day we are given a CHOICE… either to stay at BASE CAMP (i.e. place of Mediocrity / our Comfort Zone) or to JOURNEY NORTH up the Mountain of God (a spiritual quest that will surely entail adventure and certain risks!)! The climb will not come without challenges - steep precipices and deep crevaces alike - will surely arise along our ascent. Yet we are reminded that we are not to make this climb alone (Genesis 2:18) - we are to travel in the company of fellow climbers of like faith (Ephesians 4:4, The Message). So I pray that TODAY you will choose to Journey NORTH with me and others up the Mountain of God to the One who stands with His loving arms outstretched toward us! Let's enjoy this daily journey of faith ... together (2 Chronicles 20:4)!
Journeying Upwards,
David Haltom, Pastor-Evangelist/Revivalist (Jeremiah 3:15 & 29:11)

        Please direct all correspondences, to include scheduling inquiries for revivals / guest preaching / speaking engagements / teaching opportunities (e.g. special weekend Bible studies and Home Bible Study Fellowships) to the address listed below...

Christian Impact Ministries
Post Office Box 416
Hudson, North Carolina 28638-0416

A Special Note ... 
The Lord has blessed me with the calling to serve as a Church Planter / Lead Pastor for nearly 9 years with two great church plants, +1.5 years as a Lead Pastor in a revitalization church work, +1 year as an Interim Lead Pastor and 3 years as as Associate Pastor; this in addition to over 23 years of serving as an Evangelist-Revivalist with CIM and ~7 years serving as the V-22 Lead Proprotor Systems Engineer for the U.S. Navy (i.e. civilian under DoD at then NADEP Cherry Point, NC). Presently, our family is currently seeking the Lord's Will for His direction for my next life mission assignment in the areas of Pastoring / Shepherding (Jeremiah 3:15) or perhaps a new field of servant leadership which the Lord may yet reveal.
 If you know of a New Testament church that is seeking a Lead Pastor and/or a Church Planter, or a servant leadership position of ministry service opening which entails the field of Disaster Relief Ministries, please feel free to pass that notice along to us at the contact address listed above. 

In addition, I am currently available for guest/supply preaching / revivalist / speaking and teaching engagements / interim pastorate considerations and Church Consulting opportunities as the Lord so leads. We are eagerly awaiting to see God's newest "journey" in the days ahead! Thank you so very much for your prayers and faithful support of our family's kingdom calling and of the special continuing ministry work of Christian Impact Ministries! ...Selah! 

Please note ... 

An updated ministry resume with references/testimonials is available upon request to Pastor Search Teams / Elders who have interests in ministry speaking engagements and/or the consideration for my serving as a candidate for an available Lead Pastorate opportunity. DVDs of past preaching engagements are currently unable to be uploaded on this website due to bandwidth-restrictions (i.e. file size limits), but they are available upon request in CD format! Thank you so kindly!

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